Good food doesn't have to be complicated
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These beautiful biscuits are made using our simple Shrewsbury Biscuit recipe.  Follow up to the point of rolling out and cutting the shapes.   Ingredients: Shrewsbury Biscuit dough Boiled sweets (Fruit Polos are the easiest to break!)   Method: 1. Roll out your dough and use a medium sized or large cutter to cut out […]

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This lovely lemon flavoured biscuit is a traditional recipe.  It is a light and crumbly biscuit with a very rich taste due to the egg yolks and butter in the recipe.  Cut into little stars as a perfect Christmas Gift! Ingredients: 125g butter 150g golden caster sugar 2 egg yolks 225g plain flour the grated […]

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This is delicious, quick and easy to make.  It is amazing served over ice-cream, or can be used as part of a simple Banoffee  pie.   The quantities for this recipe is enough to make a couple of jars – if you double up the recipe it is easy to make some as a lovely […]

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orange and pumpkin muffins

These delicious muffins have a hidden chocolate “treat” in the middle.  The pumpkin gives them a beautiful golden glow. Ingredients: 175g butter 175g caster sugar 300g self raising flour 3 eggs 5tbsp milk 100g pumpkin purée 40g chocolate and hazelnut spread Zest of 1 orange Method: 1. Cream together the butter and sugar. 2. Add […]

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pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins

A slightly healthier Halloween treat than the last recipe!  The pumpkin in the batter gives it a lovely rich colour and the spices add a bit extra to the flavour. Ingredients: 150g caster sugar 60ml mild olive oil 2 eggs 175g pumpkin purée 60ml water 200g plain flour 1tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of […]

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monstor cakes

This helped to occupy 4 children during the half term holidays – they had great fun designing and eating their monstrous creations!  The cakes are made using the aptly named “666″ recipe, one that  have made since I was a little girl – hence the ounces, rather than grams!! This recipe makes between 12 and […]

roasted butternut squash soup

As the dark winter nights begin to draw in,one of my favourite ways to warm up is a hearty bowl of soup and a chunk of lovely bread!  This is a very simple and satisfying soup and because the butternut squash is roasted you don’t even have to peel it!  We topped this soup with some […]

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healthy brownies

  When healthy eating you often find yourself craving sweet treats.  This is tasty and healthier alternative to reach for instead of a shop bought Brownie.  It is high in protein, gluten free and quick and easy to make.  Don’t worry – the cannellini beans do not really taste of anything, but they are the […]


As promised, here is the recipe for our lovely Salsa.  It is a great accompaniment for many dishes including our “Spiced up burgers”. It has a really fresh and “Summery” taste. Ingredients: 1 tin of tomatoes 1 tbsp tomato purée A splash of olive oil The juice of 1 lime A large handful of coriander […]

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  As you may well know by now, we like to spice up our dishes a bit!  This is our flavoursome twist on the humble beefburger. Served with home made salsa and coleslaw on a lovely bagel this is definitely a winner when we have barbeques. Ingredients: 400g minced beef Birds eye chillies (to taste […]