Good food doesn't have to be complicated
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healthy brownies

  When healthy eating you often find yourself craving sweet treats.  This is tasty and healthier alternative to reach for instead of a shop bought Brownie.  It is high in protein, gluten free and quick and easy to make.  Don’t worry – the cannellini beans do not really taste of anything, but they are the […]


As promised, here is the recipe for our lovely Salsa.  It is a great accompaniment for many dishes including our “Spiced up burgers”. It has a really fresh and “Summery” taste. Ingredients: 1 tin of tomatoes 1 tbsp tomato purée A splash of olive oil The juice of 1 lime A large handful of coriander […]

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  As you may well know by now, we like to spice up our dishes a bit!  This is our flavoursome twist on the humble beefburger. Served with home made salsa and coleslaw on a lovely bagel this is definitely a winner when we have barbeques. Ingredients: 400g minced beef Birds eye chillies (to taste […]


It is the half term holidays which means that my daughter wants to bake! This is her latest offering, containing her favourite things – chocolate, cake, marshmallows and nuts.  I think it was torture for her to wait until they were cooked!  In this recipe we have used unrefined, golden icing sugar – it has […]

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fruity flapjack

These are one of my favourites for a teatime treat.  Switching the different fruits and nuts that you use in the recipe can greatly change the taste, so experiment to come up with your family’s favourite. Ingredients: 90g butter 90g brown sugar 3 tbsp. maple syrup 120g oats 30g desiccated coconut 30g raisins 30g sultanas 30g dried […]

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  These burgers are a happy compromise in our house.  My son loves to eat burgers but my daughter is not a huge fan of beefburgers. It is also a better choice for me as it is a lower fat version due to the turkey mince. I also tend to use the lighter pesto to […]


It has taken a while but the first of many videos has finally been uploaded to youtube, enjoy!

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carrot and corriander

As the winter days draw in we feel the need for lovely warming foods.  Soup is one of my favourites as it is so easy to make a large batch that can be eaten throughout the week for dinner or lunch.  As you know by now I hate to throw food away and soup is […]

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mango lime chilli chicken

This recipe stems from one of my favourite types of cooking – using up what is kicking around the kitchen!  I adore mango chutney, but thought there must be another way of eating it rather than simply in cheese sandwiches! This recipe makes a quick and simple dinner, with few ingredients but a great taste. […]

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french onion soup

  Having rather a few onions ready from my allotment I decided to make French Onion Soup.  A classic dish that feels extremely decadent due to the lovely cheesy croutons.  If you want to reduce the calories either leave out the croutons – it still tastes good.  Or use reduced fat cheese. Ingredients: 650g onions […]